Live new experiences
Meca Lectica
A seat easy
to use
, completely
Mouvement giving 
another dimension to 
your gaming experience
Compatible with 
a large number 

of applications
Meca Lectica &

Lectica Dynamis

→ Compact

→ Universal compatibility with PC and mobile

→ Ideal extension for VR

→ Plug and play

→ Wireless

→ Easily maintainable

→ Affordable price

→ Advanced technologies

→ Lectica Meca Discover&Deploy helps you deploy a set of dynamic seats together

→ The Lectica Meca Sense technology helps you calibrate the dynamics according to the user's weight

→ Packagings (Meca Lectica, Meca Lectica VR, Meca Lectica PC)

→ Lectica Dynamis can design and deliver custom solutions

→ Lectica Dynamis can assist if you want to integrate Meca Lectica into your solutions (Hardware/Software/Experience)

Lectica Enjoy

→ Fairs

→ Events

→ Sales assistance

Lectica Game

→ Simulation

→ Arcade

→ Adventures and more

Lectica Relax

→ Relax

→ Well being in enterprise

→ Relaxation therapy

Seat concept

Lectica Dynamis

Technological advances have allowed a visual and audible representation that is extremely realistic for everyone, on mobile, console or PC. The experience of movement is possible but the devices allowing that are often :

   → Expensive to buy and maintain
   → Bulky and difficult to deploy
   → Compatible only with specific applications

Taking this fact into consideration, Lectica Dynamis designed Meca Lectica, a force feedback dynamic seat :

   →  As compact as an office chair
   →  Very easy to deploy with automatic discovery
   →  Versatile
   →  Compatible with a wide range of PC and mobile applications
   →  Ideal complement for the VR
   →  Very low maintenance cost
   →  Accessible at a competitive price


It allows each version of Meca to take advantage of three Lectica Experiences, each covering a different field of application

   → Lectica Enjoy Experience dedicated to leisure, attractions and sales assistance
   → Lectica Game Experience dedicated to video games
   → Lectica Relax Experience dedicated to relax 

ESD2000 sport

The Lectica Meca Discover & Deploy technology allows an automatic deployment of a whole set of seats 

The Lectica Meca Sense technology allows to calibrate the dynamics according to the weight of the person.


We want to make these experiences available everywhere for everyone. We offer assistance to integrate Meca Lectica into a packaged offer.

Our customers

Passed events

Meca Lectica has been presented at Quitcom 2014 (Qatar) and Web Summit (Ireland, Dublin, 2015). Fisrt public demonstration for the 80 years of Airbus, Nantes, France.