The Meca Lectica Exd product line includes one product :

EFD2000 is a version with powerful and fast dynamics that allows to take full advantage
of fast games such as simulators and auto racing and also provide a perfect support for relaxing experience.

It is also design with sustainable development and customer friendly perspective. All mechanical, electronic, power, actuators, chair parts are exchangeable, almost plug and play design. So, you have a product that can be repaired easily and cheaply.

Lectica ENJOY

Lectica GAME

Lectica RELAX


& deployment

The ExD product line is specially designed for professionals to optimize their cost of use. Economical and compact, it is easy to deploy.
The Lectica Meca Discover & Deploy technology allows automatic deployment of a whole set of seats: Each Meca listens to any device that wants to take control over it. 
Simply power plug the Meca Lectica.
With a smartphone, download Lectica Dynamis app, select the Meca system you want to control. 
With a PC, nothing to do after fisrt configuration.
For other cases, the addition of a VR headset does not require any further deployment at the Meca level.
You can even change the top of the seat with any standard top seat on the market. The Lectica Meca Sense technology allows you to calibrate the dynamics according to the weight of the person.

Technical specifications

Weight : 35 Kg

Power : 360W

Mother board : Lectica Dynamic MB Control 2000

Speed : 4cm/s for a 100 Kg person

Response time : 50 ms

Maximum supported weight : 120 Kg

Casters : yes

Replacable seat top : yes

Connections : bluetooth and USB


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