Big thrills ?
Ultimate game experience ?
Or simply relax ?
Design for show organizer
Meca Lectcica product line gives you abroad range of dynamic experience
More than see and hear,
feel the trill ! With the ultimate
experience provided by Lectica Dynamis
Who is concerned ?

Use cases

Here is a non-exhaustive list of applications allowed by Lectica Enjoy Experience:

   → Cultural tour in virtual reality (museum, monument, etc & hellip;)
   → Help the sale of a vehicle or driving learning by a real driving simulator
   → Touristic visit in a virtual reality tour (travel agency)
   → Attractions (fair, lounge, etc. & hellip;)
   → Film projection



This experience is even more spectacular with a PC and a VR headset. No special action is required other than installing the Meca driver on PC or the Meca mobile application available on the stores. Everything is detected automatically, and if you have multiple Meca you simply choose one of those available in the list.


This experience is destinated to :

   → An organizer of fair, fair or commercial show
   → An automotive manufacturer or an integrator offering solutions for helping sales
   → A VR room manager wishing to complete his offer
   → A Solution Integrator for Driving Learning and driving simulation

This is one of the biggest in the world. A corporate solution developer. This list is non-exhaustive and we will be delighted to help you integrate Meca Lectica into your offer.


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