You want to...
Navigate on a calm sea ?
Make a walk in the forest ?
Drive a car in contryside?
The Meca Relax product line
is made for you !
Design for a soft dynamic,
Meca Relax is here for your
relaxation, into wonderful worlds
Who is concerned ?

Use case

Lectica Relax Experience is fully compatible with:

     Any PC application, with or without VR
     Any mobile application, with or without VR

Applications can range from the simple listening of music to relaxation to virtual reality using the screening of films.
This experience is even more spectacular with a PC and a VR headset. No special action needed other than installing the Meca driver on PC or the Meca mobile application available on the stores.
Everything is automatically detected and if you have several Meca you simply choose one of those available.

This experience is destinated to :

      An organizer of fairs, or trade shows
      A movie and cinema manager
      A VR space manager wishing to complete his offer
      A sophrologist
      An enterprise well-being solution integrator

     This list is not exhaustive and we would be delighted to help you integrate Meca Lectica into your offer.


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