An affordable experience
of dynamic motion,
pc gamers and mobile
A range especially studied
powerful cylinders for
loyal sensations
With a VR helmet
you don't play,
vous you live the game
Who is concerned ?

Use case

Lectica Game Experience is compatible with :

   → All PC Games Controlled with a Microsoft Controller
   → All PC games in VR
   → All mobile games based on the movement of the smartphone or the tablet
   → All mobile games in VR

The games can be:

   → Space Combat Simulation
   → Motor racing simulation
   → Aircraft simulation
   → Arcade games



Everything is automatically detected and if you have several Meca you simply choose one of those available.

 This experience is destinated to :

   → A fair, show or trade fair organizer
   → An arcade space manager or a VR space manager wishing to complete his offer
   → An enterprise well-being solution integrator

This list is not exhaustive and we would be delighted to help you integrate Meca Lectica into your offer.


& scenarios